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"Ski Bum Skiing" Clear Stickers: Glide Along with Style

"Ski Bum Skiing" Clear Stickers: Glide Along with Style

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Introducing the "Ski Bum Skiing" Clear Stickers – a 3”x1.5” window into the world of nice turns. Featuring our full logo with the playful addition of the "Ski Bum Skiing" tag riding along the angle of the left side, these custom clear stickers bring a unique and stylish touch to any surface.

Key Features:

  • Transparent Opulence: Custom clear stickers with white ink preserve opacity, ensuring your design stands out with clarity and vibrancy.
  • Dynamic Angle Design: The ski bum tag glides seamlessly along the left side, adding a playful and dynamic element to your logo.

Versatile Application:

  • Window Whimsy: Adorn windows with these clear stickers, allowing the logo to shine through and create a captivating play of light.
  • Bottle Brilliance: Perfect for bottles, these stickers add a touch of alpine flair to your product packaging.
  • Unique Product Labels: Stand out with clear stickers that provide a distinctive and professional look to your products.

Adventure Begins with a Turn – nice turns Defines the Ride, ski bums skiing!

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